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The Kroger Company has provided United States consumers with quality groceries since 1883.  Currently the second largest general retailers in the country, Kroger is the supermarket of choice in many states.  Known for their low prices, membership savings, and various coupon programs; Kroger has a loyal following of dedicated customers.  Individuals who are in need of money orders can purchase a Kroger money order at any location during normal business hours. Below you will find important information about Kroger Money Order.

kroger store front

Kroger Money Order Policy

Kroger provides money orders by working together with Western Union.  Any money order purchased at one of the chains grocery stores will have the Western Union logo and can be used only within the United States.  Kroger money orders are sold to any person who is able to make a purchase using cash or a debit card.  Credit cards cannot be used to purchase a money order.

Kroger Money Order Fees

Money orders are available in amounts up to $1,000.00.

The fee for money orders is $0.70 at most Kroger locations.

If a money order is lost or stolen a refund can be processed as long as you have a receipt.  The processing fee for a refund is $15.00.

When a receipt is not available a $30.00 processing fee and a research request form needs to be completed.  In both cases the processing fee is nonrefundable.

To find a Kroger money order location near you click HERE.